Below is a comprehensive list of my published works. I’ll keep it updated as and when new titles are published. Most titles are still available, sadly some are not (or are quite rare)


Do the Trains Run on Time?

A Novella/Anthology published in 2018

An England that could be today, could be tomorrow, or could even be yesterday, has been invaded by a faceless, implacable enemy, and for a lucky few the only escape is via refugee train, but time is running out for one group of evacuees waiting at a lonely railway station when they find themselves menaced by a monstrous creature.

An enthralling novella, Do the Trains Run on Time blends science fiction with horror, and is accompanied by nine short stories each of which has time as a central theme; from countdowns to time travel, from the distant past to the far future.

Stories include:

THE DELICATE ART OF DEEP SPACE NEGOTIATION: When a labour dispute on a far flung mining colony threatens to bankrupt a galaxy spanning corporation, one senior executive embarks on a desperate mission to resolve the issue, but time is of the essence.

FOLDING BACK THE YEARS: The place is London, the year is 1970, and Soviet backed forces are on the verge of taking the city. As the evacuation begins only one man knows that this isn’t how things were supposed to be…

THE ASTRONAUT’S SON: Growing up is hard enough without your dad being an astronaut who’s aging slower than you are.

ULRIK MUST DIE!: It is another place, another time. Lady Maryam is far from home and heavily pregnant, with only her wits to rely on she must fight to ensure not only her own future, but the future of her unborn child. One thing is clear, for them to survive, Ulrik must die!

Darker Times

A novel published in 2016

It’s supposed to be a quiet holiday in the countryside. Grace Fox is looking forward to spending time with her husband, Jude, and she’s hoping romance will blossom between her brother, Martyn and her best friend, Holly.

Their world is thrown into chaos when an ordinary July day is plunged into darkness as a deep, impenetrable night suddenly descends across the globe.

Marooned in a remote cottage, the four watch helplessly as civilisation, swathed in permanent darkness, begins to collapse. As their supplies dwindle and they face external threats, all too soon the cohesion between the four begins to deteriorate as well. Nerves fray, animosities intensify, and there are some secrets even a world of darkness cannot hide.


A novel published 2016

On the Greek island of Zakynthos a sexual predator believes his abilities afford him the perfect opportunity for abuse, until a mysterious stranger arrives to prove him wrong…

In a filthy flat in Geneva a man who should be barely thirty years old lies dying of old age…

And in London, a young artist on the verge of fame little realises that her otherworldly paintings have marked her out for death, and the only person who can save her is one of the men sent to kill her…

The Lazarus Conundrum

A novella published in 2015

In a world where the dead routinely return to life, the most shocking mystery is when someone doesn’t.

Detective Inspector Helen Ogilvy is called to the scene of a murder. A young woman named Trinity Brown has been shot in the chest, and she’s stayed dead.

The potential end to the zombie affliction should be a huge positive, but for a future UK teetering on the brink of becoming a police state, a country where healthcare has never been so well funded because lower mortality rates equal fewer zombies, the truth behind Trinity Brown’s non-resurrection has the potential to cause chaos, which is why a shadowy Government figure has persuaded Helen’s boss to keep a lid on what’s happened, at least for the moment.

Now Helen has two days to solve two mysteries. Who killed Trinity Brown, and why did she stay dead?

Safe House                                  

A novel published in 2015

John Tyrell was once a top MI5 agent, but illness has left him a broken man. Called out of retirement to aid in the debriefing of a defector, he reluctantly joins the enigmatic Chalice Knight and her team at White Wolf House.

It seems the perfect location; comfortable, remote, secure…but it’s a house built on blood-soaked ground, a place that reacts to traitors and murderers; and Chalice’s group contains both.

For them this house is anything but safe…

The Devils of Amber Street        

A novella/anthology published in 2013

When a young couple buy their first home they expect to have to do a bit of DIY, they don’t expect fiery demons in their spare room… 

City of Caves

A novel first published in 2009 (Revised in 2020)

Adam Kember’s life is finally starting to reach equilibrium. He might be living in a refugee camp, might be forced to work as a teacher, a farmer, a soldier, but at least he’s safe from the marauding hordes of bloodthirsty ferals that stalk the near future world he inhabits.

Except now a mysterious group of soldiers and scientists has arrived— they plan to enter the ruined city of Nottingham in search of the mythical patient zero, the original source of the vampire-like plague that has almost destroyed the world…and they want Adam Kember to go with them…

Short Stories

Renk                                              Published by 2000AD in 2022

Tick Way                                       Published in 2022 in the anthology Dead Stars and Stone Arches: A Collection of Utah Horror

The Hollow Prisoner                     Published in 2022 by Daily Science Fiction.

By The Lake Where We First Loved      Published in the January/February 2022 issue of Analog Magazine

Double Jeopardy                         Published in Judge Dredd Megazine in 2021

The Torturer’s Apprentice          Published by 2000AD in 2021

The Buried Dead                       Published by Breaking Rules Publishing in 2019

An Ocean of Sawdust            A Doctor Who audio story Published by Big Finish (sadly a subscriber only story but hopefully one day it’ll get a more general release) released 2019

Below Noon                            Featured in Broadswords and Blasters Issue 10 published 2019

Something Borrowed            Featured on the Daily Science Fiction website published 2018

Bunker Mentality                 runner-up story featured on the National Space Centre website published 2017

Creation Myth                       Featured on the Daily Science Fiction website published 2017

The Long Pilgrimage of Sister Judith Featured on the Diabolical Plots website published 2017

Interlopers                            Featured on the Fox Spirit website published in 2016

Noir is the New Black          Featured on the Crimson Streets website published in 2016

Out Beyond the Naughty Step  Featured in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #63 published in 2016

Just Another Breakfast      Featured in Fox Pockets Vol 8 Piercing the Vale published 2016

The Tenderness of Monsters Featured in Bloodlines published 2015

Checkmate                         Featured in Fox Pockets Vol 4 Missing Monarchs published 2014

Swung                                 Featured in Fox Pockets Vol 3 Guardians published 2014

The Silence of Hestia         Featured in What Has Two Heads, Ten Eyes, and Terrifying Table Manners?: An Anthology of Science Fiction Horror published 2014

Savage Times                     Featured in The Girl at the End of the World Book 2 published 2014

Weapon of Choice              Featured in Use Enough Gun published 2013

Evelyn                                  Featured in Hungur Magazine published 2012

Kithara, Radio W.Y.R.D, The Slip of a Tentacle, and The Library in Daily Flash 2012

You’re Safe Now, The Survivors, and Spies Unlike Us in Daily Bites of Flesh 2011

The Onion Barrel              Featured in Told You So published 2011

The Humbling                     Featured in Another Wild West published 2011

Adrift On An Empty Sea Featured in the British Fantasy Society Journal published 2011

Stranger Times                  Featured in 2013: The Aftermath published 2010

The stories Warmth and Unvasion    Featured in Going Places published 2010

On A Hundred Other Nights     Featured in Spooked published 2009

  1. Wayne J says:

    Thanks, just read – ‘Something Borrowed’
    I thought it was just my paranoid feelings!

  2. Riju Ganguly says:

    Can we have a collection of your short stories in near future? I have loved those that I have encountered in various anthologies.

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