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Posted: June 7, 2021 in Book reviews

By Penny Jones

Lucy thinks there’s something wrong with her husband, Mark. She keeps hearing rumours, whispers behind her back. Why is he always working late? And what of the mysterious neighbour who looks eerily like a young Lucy? Fearful of forces beyond her understanding, Lucy will go to any lengths to protect both her young daughter and her unborn child.

This novella is a quick read, but it is a powerful story, and if I was slightly disappointed this was down to some reviews indicating it was more ambiguous than it actually is, because unless I missed something this is a relatively straightforward story, unsettling yes, but I was never in any doubt what was going on.

Lucy is an empathetic protagonist in spite, or perhaps because of everything, and the portrayal of the kind of depression many mothers must deal with is moving. I genuinely cared for and worried about Lucy, but I was also incredibly worried for her daughter and her unborn baby.

The presence of a few typos was a little disappointing, but overall a well written story about mental health that left me desperate to know what happened next!