My name is Paul Starkey, and I’m a writer from the East Midlands in England. This blog will chart my ongoing writing, the highs and lows and the middly bits in-between.

Please check out my bibliography for a full list of my published writing.

You might be wondering why it’s called werewolves on the moon? Well, my friend, many years ago, whilst sitting outside of a tent with many friends drinking lager (or possibly wine) and looking up at the night sky, I had a flash of inspiration. What if werewolves went to the moon? Would they be werewolves all the time? This beyond high concept notion became a bit of a running joke, and for years friends would ask when ‘werewolves on the moon’ was going to be written?

Sadly I doubt I’ll ever get round to it, especially once I discovered that someone else had had the same idea as me and written a comic book about, well, lunar lycanthropes. The idea isn’t totally dead, and likely my own take would be very different so never say never, but likely it’ll end up being one of the many ideas I’ve had that sadly never get written, for whatever reason, so I’ve titled my blog the same way as a salutary reminder that sometimes you can hang onto an idea too long without doing anything with it…

Plus it sounds cool, right?

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