Norse Mythology

Posted: May 17, 2021 in Book reviews

By Neil Gaiman

It should be noted that much of what I know of Norse mythology comes courtesy of Gaiman, even before I read this. There’s obviously American Gods, but even back in his Sandman days he’d slip in Odin, Loki and co. Here he commits to a deep dive into Norse mythology that goes way beyond the usual suspects like Thor, though as he says in his foreword, sadly many tales have been lost over the years.

What’s amazing is the way he takes what appear to be disparate stories on the face of it, and weaves them into a narrative arc that takes us from the creation of the nine worlds though to the final days of Ragnarok- in between are takes of giants and dwarves, gods and mortals, betrayal, humour and love. You might know some of what’s in here, but it’s doubtful you’ll know it all-I certainly didn’t!

Gaiman has always been a master wordsmith and this book is no exception. His prose is excellent, yet sparse, making this a rip-roaring read, a real page turner that never outstays it’s welcome and leaves you wanting more. I really enjoyed it.

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