The Good, the Average, and the Ugly: 2016, a filmic year in review.

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Film reviews

Having seen my first film of 2017 at the cinema (review coming soon) I thought it would be fun to rank the films I saw at the cinema in 2016. First a caveat. Technically I saw 23 separate films at the flicks, but the 23rd was my third viewing of The Force Awakens, which was really a 2015 film. Suffice to say TFA might well have been top if I had included it!

So, the below is my list, best to worst. This is just a bit of fun, a rough idea of where I’d place the films I saw. Ask me another day and it might look quite different but, right now, this is it!


  1. Arrival- A slow burning, intelligent science fiction film that hits you with an almighty punch at the end.
  2. Deadpool- The Anti-Marvel/DC superhero film. Exceptionally funny and exceptionally snarky.
  3. The Nice Guys- Shane Black does what Shane Black does best, a classic buddy comedy thriller starring Crowe and Gosling on top form.
  4. Star Trek Beyond- After the debacle that was Into Darkness the rebooted Trek crew go on a fun and frantic adventure, a film that really feels like Star Trek and a great way to celebrate Trek’s 50th.
  5. Captain America: Civil War- It’s probably overlong but worth it to see Marvel’s finest go toe to toe with one another.
  6. Rogue One- A very good science fiction war movie with a fantastic final third, even if it never quite feels like Star Wars.
  7. The Magnificent Seven- Delightfully old fashioned western, fun and action packed to boot.
  8. The Big Short- thoroughly engaging docu-drama detailing the 2008 banking crash.
  9. Bridget Jones’s Baby- Bridge is back and she’s as lovably rubbish as always!
  10. Ghostbusters- a reboot that was more fun than it had any right to be. Great cast and, whilst not perfect, a film that didn’t remotely deserve the crap it got before anyone had even seen it.benedict-cumberbatch-dr-strange-splash-news-040416
  11. Dr Strange- By the numbers Marvel, lifted somewhat by Cumberbatch at his best and a finale that trades fighting for thinking.
  12. The Witch- A film to admire rather than like. Authentic and creepy in places.
  13. Blair Witch- a sequel/soft reboot that works way better than it should. Genuinely scary in places if far too long.
  14. Zoolander 2- A sequel that’s nowhere near the classic the original was, but still raised a few laughs.
  15. X-Men Apocalypse- Decidedly average entry in the X-Men franchise.
  16. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice- starts well but just descends into utter nonsense and the very epitome of style over substance. Affleck is the bomb as Batman though.
  17. Independence Day: Resurgence- pointless big budget sequel that feels like it was made for TV.
  18. Dad’s Army- great cast and I did laugh, but played it far too safe.
  19. Blood Father- Drab thriller that at least reminds you how much screen presence Mel Gibson has.
  20. Passengers- Fails on just about every level. Looks beautiful but it’s utterly hollow and features some cringeworthy sexual politics.
  21. Triple 9- Great cast wasted in an unbelievably dull film.
  22. Suicide Squad- Utter mess that even Will Smith and Margot Robbie can’t save.maxresdefault


  1. Heh, *everyone* hates Suicide Squad. It’s one of those things that leaves me wondering how it could be messed up, with that cast. (I haven’t seen it – after hearing everyone’s comments, I’ll wait till it comes on the telly rather than waste my money.)

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