Publishing update + twitter!

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Published fiction, Uncategorized

My novella The Lazarus Conundrum has now been on sale for over a month, yet I still keep having to pinch myself to realise it’s true!

Clipboard011In case you don’t know, The Lazarus Conundrum features a world where everyone who dies becomes a zombie, until a young woman named Trinity Brown is shot dead and, shock horror, doesn’t come back to life! Cue the arrival of Detective Inspector Helen Ogilvy to investigate.

It’s a police procedural with a twist,featuring a quasi-fascist NHS, ruminations on big brother and snoopers’ charters and even ventures into high school shooting territory, albeit with an un-dead twist.

At the moment The Lazarus Conundrum is on sale at a bargain price (just 99p in the UK and $1.50 in the US) so why not grab your copy while you can, and if you read and enjoy the book please consider leaving a brief review, I’m reliably informed that Amazon reviews really help in publicising a book!

In other news I am now on Twitter! If you want to follow me just look for @lunar_werewolf  and you can stalk me to your heart’s content!

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