Incredible News!

Posted: April 25, 2015 in Regarding writing

Two weeks ago I got some very good news on the writing front, and last week this news went public. I didn’t blog about it immediately because I think I wanted to get my head around it first because it is a pretty big deal…who am I kidding, in terms of my writing it’s a monumentally huge deal!

Abaddon Books is ten years old this year, and in celebration they held an open submission call, the deadline of which was February. I made a submission for a 30,000 word novella to be set in their Tomes of the Dead series. I had to supply a 150 word elevator pitch, a detailed chapter breakdown and 2000 words of sample prose. In the end I actually sent them a smidgen over 2000 words because I’d completed the first chapter.

So, two weeks ago I got an email and the subject header made it clear it was a response to my submission. Here we go, I thought, this’ll be the’ I regret to inform you’ email. Except when I opened it up the first words I read were “You’re in!”

I think I was so shocked it was actually a few seconds before I read the rest. My submission had been accepted. I think I spent the rest of the day in shock, which seems odd but you have to realise that, as much as I believe in my own ability as a writer, the truth is that I’ve had far more rejections than acceptances(which I think is a given for most writers) and with all due respect to the wonderful people who’ve printed my stories over the years, I’ve never been accepted by any publisher this big.

This might be the point where I wax lyrical about all my hard work and perseverance paying off, but really I think that would be churlish, because there’s more hard work to come. I have to write the novella by the agreed deadline, and I need to make sure it’s as good as it can be, polish it till I can see my ugly mug in it. The time to celebrate is when it’s published, right now there’s writing to be done!

You can read the official announcement here.

  1. Mim says:


    And please to be inviting me to the premiere when they turn one of your many published novels (for there will be many) into a movie 😉

    • starkers70 says:

      Ifvshould a thing ever come to pass I’ll do my utmost to swing it (I suspect it’ll be like the premiere at the end of Bowfinger)

      Is this the right time to mention one of my characters in the novella will share your surname? 😉

  2. Excellent stuff.
    The novella sounds great. Looking forward to reading it 🙂

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