So close!

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Regarding writing

I really should have posted this last week. I really should get around to writing a post about how procrastination is the writer’s greatest foe…I’ve got a lot of ironing to do first though…

A few months ago I submitted a story for a competition run by SFX magazine, the theme of the contest was zombies, and the winner would be published in the 250th issue of SFX, and get some free books.

Issue 250 of SFX was published last week and, as you might have guessed from the title of this post, I didn’t win. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I’d been named as one of four runners up. You can click here to read the announcement and see my name in print.

As anyone who is a writer, at any level, knows, having people appreciate your work is one of the biggest boosts you can get. So whilst I may not have won, for my story to be chosen as one of the top five out of hundreds that were submitted is a real honour. Out Beyond the Naughty Step is a story I’m very proud of, and I hope to find a home for it one day.

Aspiring writers get so many rejections, so it’s important to hold onto any piece of good news that you get, even if it’s not an acceptance as such. So if someone tells you that you haven’t been successful, but that they did enjoy your story, then believe them. Positive feedback is often thin on the ground, so when it comes accept it as genuine, because I suspect most of the time it is. For publishers dealing with hundreds of submissions it’s understandable that they send form responses out to the unsuccessful, that they’ve taken the time to say something positive suggests they really did like something about your story.

It may not win the war, it really isn’t even akin to winning a battle, but at the very least you’ve won a skirmish, and that’s not to be sniffed at.

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