A look inside my head…

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Regarding writing

One of the questions writers are always asked* is “Where do you get your ideas from?”

Much as I’d like to say that I dig them up in my garden, or aliens beam them into my head while I’m asleep, or they’re the result of mind altering drugs (aspirin, just say NO!) the truth is that I get my ideas from, er, my imagination.

But, to give you a sneak peek inside my head I’m going to demonstrate my thought processes, and how my first instinct upon reading even the most mundane news story is to see the narrative potential.

The following link leads to an article in the Independent newspaper from a few weeks ago. It’s a fairly dry news story talking about how scientists have discovered that an addiction to gambling could be down to a form of brain damage.


I won’t go into detail here (read the article if you’re interested) but the upshot was that scientists believed they might be able to treat this neurological damage, that they might be able to cure someone of a gambling addiction.

Great news, yes? Want to know what my first thought was after reading the article? Of course you do…

“So, if they can take a gambler and cure them, does that mean they could take someone who wasn’t a gambler and turn them into one? Why would someone do this, what would the upshot be, is there a story in this?”

I’m Paul Starkey, and this has been a terrifying glimpse inside my brain. Don’t have nightmares, but if you do, tell me about them, I could probably turn them into the next Hunger Games…

*Of course this just might be something writers made up. We do that you know…

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