Acceptance and validation

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Regarding writing

I’ve had another short story accepted by a publisher a few days ago. It’s a publisher called Fox Pockets, and my story ‘Swung’ will be in their Guardians anthology. They’re a small indie publisher, so I won’t be retiring just yet (they pay a small amount plus a contributors copy) but what’s important is the validation. To be a writer, to continue writing even when you’re getting rejections, requires a certain kind of self-belief, if you don’t have confidence in your own writing how can anyone else do?

That said, however much belief you have in yourself, having a third party have belief in one of your stories is always a huge boost, and I hope it never stops being A BIG THING, even if I do end up top of the best seller lists (self-confidence remember!)

Anyway it’s two bits of good news in a week because the anthology Use enough Gun that I have a story in is finally being published, a year after my story was accepted and the original publisher closed down!

But that’s another thing you need to be a writer, patience…

Further details on Guardians and Use Enough Gun will be posted on here as and when I hear anything.


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