2012: A year in film…

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Film reviews

Ok, so technically it is 2013 now, but until I get around to actually going to the cinema this year here’s a quick review of all the films I saw at the cinema in 2012 (all 22 of them, though I did see Skyfall three times and Dredd twice…) in a rough order of merit. It isn’t fixed, and it may be that once I see certain films again they climb a few places (or even drop a bit) and it is only my opinion, so please don’t be too upset if a film you loved features near the bottom of my list, and don’t be too angry if a film you hated made my top five.

As Mark Kermode says, other views are available

1              Avengers Assemble

2              The Artist

3              Skyfall

4              Dredd

5              Looper

6              The Dark Knight Rises

7              The Woman in Black

8              Killing Them Softly

9              The Amazing Spiderman

10           The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey

11           Seven Psychopaths

12           The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

13           The Expendables 2

14           Dark Shadows

15           Lockout

16           Total Recall

17           The Hunger Games

18           Prometheus

19           The Cabin in the Woods

20           Rock of Ages

21           Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

22           Haywire



  1. neil says:

    The only real suprises are spiderman which was so amazingly average i keep forgetting Its a new film. Incredible loud must be dreadful. Canon in the woods i would rate much higher than total recall

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