Rude Awakening

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Free fiction

Another flash fiction story, but this one is brand new, and has never been published before. Enjoy, but don’t have nightmares :-]



Meredith had been in the midst of a soothing dream when her clumsy oaf of a husband clambered out of bed with all the grace of a drunken elephant. The fact that she knew he was actually trying not to wake her (he used to be a lot worse) didn’t make her feel any more forgiving.

She opened her eyes but made no move to suggest she was awake, kept her back to him and merely scowled as she tried to recall details of her dream, whilst simultaneously resisting the urge to look at the digital clock on the bedside table. She didn’t need to know how close she was to the alarm going off, she only hoped there’d be enough time to slip back to sleep and maybe, with a bit of luck, find herself back in her dream.

She heard the door open, the squeak of hinges was mild, barely noticeable during daylight hours, but in the middle of the night it was like the whine of a hungry Alsatian. Heavy footsteps echoed out onto the landing. He hadn’t turned the bedroom light on (more than his life was worth) and he didn’t put the landing light on either. She’d have seen the hint of glow at the periphery of her vision, besides the sudden clatter as he, she suspected, crashed into the wall suggested he couldn’t see a blessed thing. She winced and hoped he hadn’t hurt himself, she didn’t want to have to waste time tending to a wounded man-child when she had a big meeting the next day, she needed sleep!

The bathroom door didn’t squeak, so she didn’t hear him enter, or leave, the smallest room in the house, but after a moment the bedroom door groaned again. She was amazed; he’d managed to remember for once not to flush the toilet at night unless he had to. Miracles did happen!

Her pleasant feelings lasted all of a few seconds. After several clodhopping steps across the floor he clambered back into bed with all the alacrity of a drunken elephant that’d had a few more drinks, and gained a few more pounds as well, and the bedsprings protested under the weight.

Right, enough was enough, he was going on a diet again, whether he wanted to or not. She pushed the thought away, tried to calm herself, knowing it was the only way to get back to sleep.

And then an arm reached over to embrace her. Oh God, she thought, frown creasing her brow, now he’s horny. Well tough, he should have been nicer to me when we went to bed. Right now she planned to stay quiet and pretend to still be asleep, he’d quickly give up, although another noisy visit to the bathroom would be likely.

He nuzzled the back of her neck, but she remained still.

And then a voice she’d never heard before said, “Hello, sexy,” and the arm around her drew tight…





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