A Curious Addiction

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Regarding writing

I’ll level with you, I’m addicted to writing. Wherever I am, most of the time I’m thinking about writing. Ideas swirl around my head like water in a washing machine, tumbling over and over, jockeying for position, trying to be the idea that gets heard, that gets written.

Like any addict who indulges there’s a definite ‘hit’ to sitting down and putting words on paper. This morning I was feeling harassed on my way to work, but just jotting notes down on the train was incredibly calming. I like to do some writing every day, and when I don’t it can be frustrating, and annoying, and can definitely make me a little antsy!

The flipside to this is procrastination, which is something I know a lot of writers suffer from, and sometimes it takes a real effort to sit down and force myself to type. Hell, I’ve been known to prioritise household chores over writing!

Which makes it an odd kind of addiction. I’m not sure other addictions work in quite the same way. Do those who need alcohol waste time washing the car rather than popping to the pub? Do chocoholics think “I’ll just wash the pots, do some ironing and put up some shelves and then eat that Mars bar.”?

 I’m not talking about delayed gratification here,  promising yourself a treat if you do some chores first, I’m talking going out of your way to avoid doing something you find satisfying.

Maybe its fear, the terror that what you’re going to write will turn out to be turgid rubbish, or maybe it’s because writing, when all’s said and done, is a bit too much like hard work sometimes, which likely explains why an awful lot of people who probably could write, don’t.

Those Trainspotting guys really had it easy…

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