Posted: February 9, 2012 in Regarding writing

Well, just submitted my novel, Safe House, to another publisher—so far it’s had perhaps 3 or 4 rejections, so still early days! What’s interesting about this publisher is that they actually take electronic manuscripts, in fact only electronic manuscripts, and they want the entire document, not just a few sample chapters. This seems a far more efficient, not the mention cheaper, way of doing things. I guess a lot of agents/publishers fear they’ll be swamped if they started accepting email submissions, but really this is the future.

Anyway, one of the other little quirks of this publisher is that they ask that (if you can bear too, tres amusing!) you compose a blurb for your book, you know as in the back-of-the-book little synopsis. As such I thought I’d share what I came up with.

So here it is…

“John Tyrell was once a top MI5 agent, but illness has left him a broken man. Called out of retirement to aid in the debriefing of a defector, he reluctantly joins the enigmatic Chalice Knight and her team at White Wolf House.

It seems the perfect location; comfortable, remote, secure…but it’s a house built on blood soaked ground, a place that reacts to deceivers, betrayers, and killers; traits Chalice’s group harbour in abundance, and for them this house is anything but safe…”

In hindsight I’m not sure my use of the word trait was completely accurate in this context, but damn it sometimes you just can’t think of a better way of saying something!

Given that, if Safe House doesn’t get snapped up by a major (or minor) publisher, eventually I may publish it via Kindle, expect to see this blurb, or a variation of it, again someday!



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