Posted: February 5, 2012 in Regarding writing

It’s been a good week for submitting work. I’ve entered the James White award with a sci-fi story, and also submitted a comic script to 2000AD and another sci-fi short to Interzone magazine. With this done I’ve decided to turn my attention to some orphans in my care. I refer of course to stories I’ve written that have yet to find a home.

In some cases these tales I’ve been touted around an awful lot of potential homes, but in some cases they’ve only been submitted to one of two publishers. Now if I’ve learned one lesson in my time writing (and actually I’ve learned many) it’s that just because one publisher turns a story down, it doesn’t follow that a story has no merit, it just means that publisher didn’t like it, and I’ve had stories published that have been rejected elsewhere—in fact one particular vampire story finally found a home (assuming it does get published this coming April) after being submitted to a good half dozen other publishers.

So it was then, that today I submitted a story to Ellery Queen magazine. It’s called The Bonaventure Jane and is a detective story set in Elizabethan times, and I haven’t actually done any work on it for almost two years. Amazingly when proofing it today before sending it in I found it still reads, well, and aside from some minor tinkering, I haven’t really altered it at all.

So fingers crossed, that’s four stories submitted in the last week. It would be brilliant if one of them were to be successful, monumental if two were accepted…and if all four succeeded? Frankly I’d have to research a new word to sum up just how amazing that would be.

I’m not greedy though. Just one will do!


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